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TY2014 Kent NJ Problem - Alt1 Addendum with ACA Issues

The main Kent problem was changed on 12-02 to remove the ACA issues forcing ISRP & PTC. This page only has the addendum files. The main Ken problem is available here.

Link Modified Comments
Intake Sheet 12-02-2015 Upd
Scenario Plus 12-02-2015 Upd
Screen Shots 12-02-2015 Upd
Printed Return 12-02-2015 Upd
Learning Guide 12-03-2015 Upd

Change Log (Addendum only):

  • 12-03-2015 Upd
    • Learning Guide v0.93 - Initial Release
  • 12-02-2015 Upd
    • Intake Sheet v0.93 - Initial Release
    • Scenario Plus v0.93 - Initial Release
    • Screen Shots v0.93 - Initial Release
    • Printed Return v0.93 - Initial Release