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TY2014 Kent NJ Problem

The Kent problem from Pub 4491-W has been modified in various ways to be used as an adjunct to the TY2014 Tax Law presentations, including the New Jersey modules.

The idea is that the instructor would alternate between Tax Law issues and entry of the corresponding parts of the Kent return in class. Ideally, students would also prepare their own copy of the Kent NJ return in class as a way to get hands-on experience with most of the TaxWise worksheets (and quirks).

The main Kent problem was changed on 12-02 to remove the ACA issues forcing ISRP & PTC. Those issues are now in the Kent-Alt1 Addendum here.

Link Modified Comments
Intake Sheet 12-02-2015 Upd
Scenario Plus 12-14-2015 Upd
Screen Shots 12-02-2015 Upd
Printed Return 12-02-2015 Upd
Learning Guide 12-14-2015 Upd

Change Log:

  • 12-14-2015 Upd
    • Scenario Plus v0.94 - Various fixes
    • Learning Guide v0.95 - Various fixes
  • 12-10-2015 Upd
    • Learning Guide v0.94 - Various fixes
  • 12-03-2015 Upd
    • Learning Guide v0.93 - Move ACA Issues to Addendum
  • 12-02-2015 Upd
    • Intake Sheet v0.93 - Move ACA Issues to Addendum
    • Scenario Plus v0.93 - Move ACA Issues to Addendum and other minor corrections
    • Screen Shots v0.93 - Move ACA Issues to Addendum
    • Printed Return v0.93 - Move ACA Issues to Addendum
  • 11-30-2015 Upd
    • Learning Guide v0.92 - Initial release
  • 11-29-2015 Upd
    • Screen Shots v0.92 - Initial release
  • 11-28-2015 Upd
    • Scenario Plus v0.92 - Steps 29b, 29c - fed refund corrected.
  • 11-28-2015
    • Printed Return v0.91 - Change Kerri -> Carmen (thanks Craig)
  • 11-28-2015
    • Scenario Plus v0.91 - Move handling of PTR base year amount from Step 30 to Step 25. Refund Monitor numbers affected for Steps 25 to 30.
  • 11-28-2015
    • Intake Sheet v0.6 - Initial release
    • Scenario Plus v0.9 - Initial release
    • Scenario Plus v0.9 - Initial release